03 April 2007

what time is it again?

my occasionally tremendous insomnia has got the better of me again. it's too late for this. but it happens sometimes when i nap in the afternoon. which was necessary after getting up at 7 am and talking to a support group for HIV-positive spanish speakers in east bushwick. that's a new part of the city for me. in fact, seeing any of the city before 9 am is pretty much new to me.

at least i'm using my wide-awakeness past 5 am productively. i'm stealing. some music, but more importantly, a three part audiobook for learning spanish. relevant, given this morning's activities. not to mention i'm going to spain april 26th.

anyone have friends in barcelona? i'll be there the first weekend in may.

staying up late paid off for me tonight. after a long weekend closing late, exhausted and feeling under-tipped given the effort, a great monday downstairs. best tips in a while, and i even got a new toy tonight. i can't tell you what it is though. it's not dirty or anything, it's just too exciting to talk about until i have a picture to put up.

okay, i should get to bed. jesus it's late.

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