01 April 2007

stealing from the neighbors

after weeks of the utter isolation that is life without the internet, tonight i'm finally able to update my blog. thanks for the connection, anonymous neighbor!

here's 10 things i've learned.

1. it is always better to be honest with yourself, even if means hurting people you love.

2. i do not like working past 5 am two nights in a row.

3. i can play a solo acoustic show and people will like it.

4. living above a bar where you drink for free is hazardous to your health.

5. i am out of shape and something must be done.

6. discovery channel's planet earth is the best nature television ever. seriously, ever.

7. i love the mets.

8. i miss my grandparents.

9. i don't update this blog enough.

10. see 1.

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