23 April 2008

the day for us

as some of my blog cohorts have recently pointed out, today is administrative professionals day. i saw that tempy was feeling neglected and i decided to let my co-workers know that it was a day to celebrate, um, me. i jokingly let them know that the day was running out and if they had any surprise plans for me that it was probably time to give me the flowers, chocolate and bottles of single malt scotch they were hiding under their desks.

and you know what? they actually produced a card signed by my boss - who has been in nashville since yesterday morning! it's a snoopy card and it has that lovable, incomprehensible yellow bird woodstock answering the phones and fixing the computers and finding lost files and it says (folding out)

You have a way...
Of saving the day...

i am a little teary-eyed.

to my co-workers, i say

| | | |
| | |
| | |

y'know, like how woodstock speaks in lines?


  1. Oh, please. A card is worth a thousand words.

    Did I mention I just got more flowers from someone else?

    Joking aside, it's good to be appreciated. When we bartended we got "appreciated" every night. In dollar bills.

  2. yeah... strippers get "appreciated" every night too. in dollar bills.

    wait, a card is already words!

    to repeat: i want ice cream cake.

  3. We have tons. Where is your office? I'll bring you some.

  4. put some in a plastic shopping bag and leave it on the corner, i'll come pick it up.