30 April 2008


hey readers - an update for you. not exactly the funniest post ever, so if you need something funny, watch this.

i'm just back from the hospital. here's the latest:

after the oncologist took one look at my walnut-sized lymph node, she said the biopsy was more or less a formality and that we should prepare for surgery. after some blood tests i went down and got my PET scan scheduled for tomorrow. i should have a full pathology report by tomorrow afternoon or friday and then we'll know a lot more about what's real and how far (if at all) beyond the lymph node the cancer has spread.

in the meantime, my surgery is scheduled for friday the 9th of may - which coincidentally is also when my dad comes into town. it'll be SO nice to have him here, especially since they say i'll have drainage problems in my leg after the surgery so i can't leave the hospital for at least a couple of days. that sounds like an awesome weekend! also, once i escape NYU i'll be on crutches for a couple weeks. i am SO not looking forward to commuting on crutches.

i should know a lot more after the scan and report tomorrow. thanks to everyone who has texted or emailed or called or just psychically sent their love. i'll keep y'all posted.


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  2. I love you Jonah and let me know if you need anything. Big kisses to yer dad!