18 April 2008

use with caution

i just answered a question from a friend and her response to my answer was "snizzle."

do you know what that means? i didn't. so i looked it up. not sure that i should have.

warning! this is dirty.

from urbandictionary.com

snizzle :

A clean shaven, tight and ripe young vagina. When bent over the snizzle replicates the look of a freshly sliced Freestone peach.

Snizzle ceases to exist around the age of 25 years old, often younger. At which point becomes a Frazzle.

somehow i don't think that's what my friend meant.

but now we all know. and knowing is half the battle. GI JOE!


  1. I just can't get over this definition and my poor choice of what I thought was a made up word.

    But a Frazzle? Oh, lord help us all.

  2. i like that the cutoff is at 25. often younger.

    also, the particular variety of peach is very specific.