09 April 2008


is not only a play by ibsen. i've had enough ghostly experiences in my life to have developed my own theories about their existence. i once spent a night in my friend's haunted michigan lake house - years later during renovations it turned out the bed i slept in was immediately above an unmarked grave...

but i've never gotten postcards from the dead. check out this email from a friend:

I am NOT open-minded about talking to the dead, but I have gotten two actual communications from Matt posthumously. One was a postcard that didn't arrive until after he died that he sent from Boston and it had a picture of a sheep dressed as a prostitute on it, and all matt had written was "enough said." I wonder what he was exactly thinking....but the thought of the slutty sheep is always something that makes me chuckle.

The other was a voicemail that somehow didn't show up on my phone until after he died. And it is a message of him singing (which may not come across in email) "I am hungry and I want some dinner." I think it is the perfect message from him because it is such a typical example of how something that was so mundane, with Matt became exciting, fun, and interesting.

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