22 April 2008

visiting the doctor

so my health benefits kicked in this month. it's been five years since i had insurance. and just about as long since i was at the doctor.

this morning i went to the doctor.

you know what?

i hate going to the doctor. they strip you down to your underwear, they poke and prod and question. so little personal connection.

now, i did have a reason to go. that lymph node continues to grow. and the mole on my left thigh was of epic proportions before its mostly painless removal this morning. i love that my leg was cauterized this morning.

i wasn't too worried about it until my new doctor sent me immediately to a dermatologist who saw me as soon as i got there and put a rush order on my newly-liberated mole and considering a potential biopsy next week.

yay for cancer scares!

see? i never should have gone to the doctor.


  1. Geez dude, we're all falling apart.

  2. dude. seriously. maybe i should cancel the party on saturday and rest.

  3. did you get to keep the mole?