21 April 2008

yogurt castle mystery

welcome to the yogurt castle in downtown walnut creek, california. i was there last weekend. mmmm, vanilla fro-yo with gummi bears... the taste of childhood.

walking back to the car. giggling with my sisters. creating a new theme song for yogurt castle: "take me away to land of magic... and yogurt."

then i noticed this on their back door:


we can interpret this in a number of ways.

t's possible that a pirate lives behind the door. as in, "ARRRRRR! STOP SPITTING IN ME FOOD!"

or perhaps it's a message from the door. "STOP SPITTING IN ME." and then the door is named food. or it's aimed at someone named food. i like this one and imagine it being delivered in the same tone that billy madison says "STOP LOOKING AT ME, SWAN!"

i suppose it's possible that yogurt castle customers, disillusioned by low yogurt-based standards, started spitting inside the castle's back door to express their displeasure. and the staff wanted to warn them that was food inside the door and that people should stop spitting.

it's the personification of the door that is most puzzling. it's not "STOP SPITTING IN HERE." it's "IN ME." like the door is personally offended.

this appears to be a mystery that will forever remain unsolved.

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