28 April 2008


well, my anti-rain dance totally worked and we had an awesome barbeque! incredible food and great people. i think i'm going to do that monthly. why not?

after the party wound down i went out for a nightcap. the rain was starting to fall just as i got home. i walked up the stairs and discovered that the last person to leave had closed and locked the door at the top of the stairs, which is proper apartment party etiquette but WE DON'T HAVE A KEY FOR THAT DOOR. i seriously almost cried. i did not feel like sleeping on my stairs.


it was so bad-ass. i'm not much of a bad-ass so i have to fully embrace it every chance i get! if you ever have a chance to kick down a door, it's awesome. just aim next to the door handle. i got through on the first kick! the door is fine but i did manage to crack the frame in half. ha ha! good thing we don't have a lease!

i hope you all have an awesome, bad-ass door-kicking monday. my day is great so far - especially the part where the subway doors closed on me and knocked my book out of my hands and DOWN THROUGH THE GAP ONTO THE TRACKS. and just as the hero-explorer returned home to his long-suffering penelope!

does anyone have a copy of t.c. boyle's water music?


  1. wait, isn't that my book?!

  2. no, you loaned me leviathan. i was worried there for a second.