02 April 2008

saturday survey

my pops is coming into town this weekend. i thought that i would see him for like two minutes, y'know, give him a high five, tell him everything's ok now that the bar has closed and i'm no longer an alcoholic.*

but now it turns out that we'll have a saturday night to go out on the town. and i'm looking for some help!

what should i do? so far things that appeal to me are patrick stewart's macbeth, paul simon at BAM or the ukulele festival in the LES. but i'm open to anything cool that's not too late, expensive or loud.


*not necessarily true


  1. Flanagan's Wake (Abigail's show) closes that night. You should check it out. Same theater as Naked in a Fishbowl.

  2. I concur. It's a blast of a show to see, and I'm not the theater-going type.