16 May 2008


I am super busy today! Setting up acupuncture and more doctors, talking to insurance companies, cleaning my room. I haven't even had time to find a sperm bank!

Thanks for all the messages last night. I'm over the initial shock of needing radiation and have come to realize that it's only because my body is so strong that they're willing to be aggressive. If I was 70 and in bad shape, they wouldn't be doing this. So my chin is back up from one of the few moments when my buoyancy around all of this dipped. Staying positive is exhausting!

It's enough to make me drink a box of wine, put on a garbage bag cape and attack a bunch of nerds with my crutches.


  1. mmmm...box of wine.

    What did you think of Batman Begins?

  2. dude.


    even better than star trek iv.

  3. Dude love, that sounds like an AWESOME way to cope! (You know I didn't know wine was supposed to come in bottles until I was 9. Aw, the joys and dips of starting out lower middle class.)
    Oh, and black garbage bag capes are going to be the height of this-too-shall-pass fashion. I work in the industry now (sort of), so I know about these things.