06 May 2008

most helpful appointment ever.

thanks nyu, for that utter waste of two hours today. it's cool, it's not like things are busy at work or anything. it's not like i'm leaving thursday and am not sure when i'm coming back to work. two hours to spare? sure. oh, you know what else would be awesome? how about not having answers to any of my questions (except if there is internet at the hospital: no there's not)? that's cool. also, i have to take out my nipple ring pre-surgery. which i've already had to repierce once, and they sort of messed it up, so i think this will be the end of that too. i'm going through some major changes huh?

so here's the update after meeting with my aenesthesiologist and surgical nurse:

i don't know when my surgery will be, except that it's on friday.
i don't know where in the hospital i'll be, so i can't tell you about visiting hours.
hospitals are depressing. this weekend is going to be rough.

ok, back to work and wallowing!


  1. It's all a plot to force you to slow down before you absolutely have to. Think of it like downshifting.


  2. i'm not good at downshifting.

  3. Give 'em hell. Have a little fun. Get through it however you can.
    Uncle Jim