05 May 2008

one last weekend on two legs (for now)

what a weekend! i never knew how awesome it was to have two working legs until i started thinking about not being able to use one for a while. just walking around the city brought me such joy. luckily i am not like that poor horse eight belles. that was so sad! please don't euthanize me just because my leg is injured.

saturday! in the morning i went with my friend lynne to the dave eggers-curated exhibit at the apex art center in tribeca. i couldn't have asked for a nicer art experience. intriguing, moving and laugh-out-loud funny. it's on til may 10th people! and it's free! take advantage of those legs!

and of course in the afternoon was the kentucky derby. what a wonderful way to spend a day. mint juleps, pretty hats and pretty horses. so glad i finally made one of those crazy parties. also, i didn't realize how much i missed live band karaoke. i won runner-up for my performance of pat benatar's hit me with your best shot, which i almost dedicated to my cancer but thought better of it. so now i have a trophy that says MOST INSPIRING KARAOKE. i know the judges were swayed by the whole cancer thing. but i'll take it!

after dinner with my bandmates i returned to to union hall for a mind-blowing show by my new favorite band the acorn. this album has been a balm since my diagnosis - i can't recommend it enough. they're at piano's tonight and mercury lounge tomorrow. seriously, go see them. after the show i told them how important their music has been to me and what was going on and we had a good cry together.

sunday i learned an important lesson. DO NOT RIDE ACROSS THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE DURING THE FIVE BOROUGHS BIKE RIDE. my god that was awful. still, i spent most of sunday biking through this beautiful brooklyn home, feeling like if i pedaled hard enough through the warm spring sunshine and trees that i might actually escape my impending month or two of pain and frustration.

anyways, i've got to get to work. it's going to be a hectic week getting everything ready to be away from work for a while.

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  1. Just so's you know, there actually was no cancer vote involved. But you can think that if you want...