10 May 2008

Weekend update

Hi guys. I'm listening to game two of the mets double header (on a shower radio courtesy of ameet) and about to dive into some thai food (courtesy of jq and lee) and feeling ok.

A pretty rough afternoon has turned into an easier evening, although the deathly rattle cough of my neighbor is definitely not the most reassuring sound I've ever heard. Luckily I have the soothing summer sounds of baseball on the radio to cover things up. He keeps complaining about his catheter and man, do I feel his pain. Seriously, screw waterboarding. Catheter insertion is a fine form of medieval torture.

The transition from hospital luxury suite to becurtained corner was not pleasant but after a long nap I had some nice visiting time. Attempted to eat the "chicken piccata" and well, it deserved quotes. And now it's time for some real food.

I've asked for a knockout cocktail tonight so hopefully I will actually get a solid night of sleep. It's been a long time since I've slept well, what with the stress-filled couple of weeks. It was hard to make it seem like I had tied up all the loose ends at work. Sweeping those projects under the rug was pretty tricky.*

I'll have some PT and work with my new crutches tomorrow morning and then I will be discharged! I'll let everyone know what the plan is - it looks like I'll be crashing at the stunning promenade apartment where my parents are staying until tuesday morning. Until then, thanks again for all the love and support!

*just checking if my boss is still reading

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