01 May 2008

take a breath.

when i first spoke to the wonderful folks at blue cross/blue shield, they explained that because the cancer was present before my benefits kicked in, there was a chance they would try and prove that this was a pre-existing condition. i've pushed that to the back of my mind, because i can't really deal with thinking about the possibility of being oh, let's say potentially $200K in the hole. just getting through these days is taking enough out of me. nonetheless, it's been a shimmer of worry on the horizon and i had already strategized around which lawyer i was going to call if they said they wouldn't cover all this.

but those same lovely folks just called and told me that other than my in-patient co-pay, they'll cover 100% of all costs. whew! and here's something funny - i'll get my "economic stimulus" check this week, so that will take care of the co-pay. so much for buying a new guitar. oh well.

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