02 May 2008

in other news...

tomorrow is the kentucky derby and i am thrilled to be a part of what sounds like a fantastic neighborhood tradition. i'm sorry i never got to experience it at magnetic field, but union hall has become a second home by now. and there will be live band karaoke. which, as one can see from my pictures, is one of my favorite things on god's green earth.

and to add to it, a new favorite band is playing later that evening. i've been listening non-stop to glory hope mountain by the ottowa-based band the acorn. for those of who attending the derby party, i'm planning on leaving after karaoke to get some dinner and then coming back for the show.

with the surgery coming up, i'm planning on moderating through the evening.

and by moderating, i mean going absolutely bat shit crazy, since this will be my last hurrah for quite a while.

watch out mint juleps! i am going to drink you so hard.

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