11 May 2008

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Ok you guys I hate to bring y'all down but I'm having a brutal morning and writing is a balm. I guess it makes me feel a little better knowing that all two people I know who would be up at 9 am on a sunday will get to hear all about my morning from hell.

The percocet just isn't cutting it any more. All it's doing is making me feel like a junkie, narcotized and itchy, scratching everywhere but still totally overwhelmed by pain. I worked hard to get my back strong before heading into all of this but it's just not holding up after the weekend stuck in bed. Yeah, I know, GROINSTRONG! but right now my groin is pretty damn weak and so when I try to stretch my back it feels like someone is stabbing where my lymph node used to be.

In other news, my neighbor Mr Miller was involved in the invasion of Sicily.


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  1. Groinstrong!Peestrong! Get well and outta there soon!!