15 May 2008

i'm a slacker

good morning readers! sorry about the paltry posting yesterday. i needed to spend the day pondering that satchel paige quote. and playing mario kart on the wii. so fun!

i am going to the doctor this afternoon and i'm anxious to see what will come of it. i have so many questions. when is my next scan? what is the treatment plan? when do i get this goddamn tube out of my leg?

i am planning on taking the subway to the doctor to see how it feels. my leg feels stronger every day and i'm already walking slowly around the house without crutches. i will definitely be taking the crutches with me today. of course i'll hop in a cab the moment i don't feel like i can continue. and i am also bringing a friend to look out for me and to provide a shoulder on which for me to cry when the downtown brooklynites start laughing and pointing at the cripple. it's a tough town.

my pain continues to lessen and i'm looking forward to trying to walk further than around the block. i have less and less muscle pain but the incision on the hip flexor continues to burn and my back still feels like someone kicked me in the kidneys with steel-toed boots. or maybe it feels like i fell off a balcony five years ago. which is actually what happened. thanks to my ex-girlfriend for accidentally pushing me off a balcony! although it was actually less her fault than the fault of Maker's Mark.

ah whiskey, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems.

before my parents left on tuesday, we were reminiscing that one year ago we were in spain together. here are my pictures. thought they might be a nice break from the cancer updates. it gets old, doesn't it? enjoy!

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