05 May 2008

oh please

as you may have noticed in the fake AP article i wrote letting my softball team know that i was headed to the disabled list, my softball team (which plays around .500) has never won a game in which i have played. the exception was a single forfeit, and that doesn't count.

that ends today.

before i am laid up for a while, i am ready for a win. i just checked the standings and the team we are playing today is 0-2, with 5 runs for and 53 against. i don't want to jinx the team and we've been known to lose to some seriously bad teams from time to time. but i feel really good about this one.

i want a total blowout.


  1. perfect. couldn't have asked for better. 3 for 5 with a couple of RBIs - i'll take that for my season stats.