22 May 2008

A long day.

Talledegga nights is pretty funny. But it's not enough. I am exhausted. I took cabs from home to subway and then from subway to work. At least I made it home on the crutches. I want so badly to be able to work but it's painful to sit at my desk and hard to focus.

Oh did I mention I accidentally threw away my insurance card? Not like I needed it or anything. They shouldn't put the card in the prescription packet like that. Don't worry, a new one is on the way.

I'm feeling broken and broke. The sperm bank is going to cost at least two grand. The hospital bill hasn't come yet. I'm starting acupuncture and physical therapy - oh hey, those cost a lot too. I have savings. I have lots of offers for help but I'm tired of asking for things.

I just want to crawl into bed and wake up in the fall of 2009, on the other side of treatment.

Sometimes a groinstrong bracelet just isn't enough.

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