29 May 2008

GROINSTRONG! (dot.com)

i'm taking the day off today to elevate my leg in the hopes that some of the nasty swelling of the past week will subside. and as part of my day off, i've managed to finally put together the newest part of the GROINSTRONG campaign - GROINSTRONG.COM! i'm going to use groinstrong.com as a place for progress updates and hopefully for fundraising as well. that way i can get the adventures back to its regularly scheduled programming. i think it's important to have something fun to do that is totally unrelated to this whole cancer thing.

so take a look! i'm just getting started and it's a new online editing system, but hopefully as time goes by we will have all kinds of cool features like a paypal donations system and a groinstrong boutique and who knows what else!



  1. So do I need to go there for the update on the weirdest day ever?

  2. yes. but it's not done yet.