13 May 2008

Numb (too much is not enough)

Is that how that U2 song goes? I don't think I have it quite right. The top half of my left leg has been numb since friday. It's freaky, I've been able to feel things but not much. Today the numbness is wearing off a bit and, oh wait, PLEASE STAY NUMB. I have two 9 inch long incisions which I definitely would rather not feel until they are healed. I've been very tingly today, like my leg keeps waking up from being asleep but it wasn't ever asleep. Very weird.

I worked hard this spring to make my patio pretty - yes, I am lucky enough to have a patio. And now it is paying off. The view above will hopefully be my view for the next week. Surrounded by fresh herbs and a bathtub full of a burgeoning strawberry harvest sounds like a pretty nice way to continue my recuperating. It's no luxury apartment on the promenade, but there's a nice breeze blowing and it helps keep my mind off the tearful sending off of my parents. What a gift that they could be here. And doesn't every mother want to spend Mother's Day being a mother to their child in need?

I return to the doctor on Thursday. Hopefully I'll have a better sense of what the future holds by then.

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