08 May 2008

the light spring rain

i thoroughly enjoyed my early morning walk to work today, being that 1) it will be my last without crutches for a while and 2) i could stroll proudly with the white pin on my label exclaiming that yes, i was indeed GROINSTRONG. thanks tempy! now if we could just get bracelets and t-shirts that say the same...

i miss the silver trees in madison square park.

yeah, i guess this is ok. but those trees were AWESOME.

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  1. Hey Jonah...so I've been reading your blog to catch up with how you're doing and noticed you mentioned the silver trees in Madison Square Park a couple times...man I loved those trees too...so much...and this sounds silly I know...but so much that after seeing them I decided I wanted to get married someday under them, ha! Little did I know that they would only be temporary! :( I think we should start a petition to get them back!