21 May 2008

the first commute

I AM SO EXHAUSTED. but i made it! and no taxis.

i've got a lot of work to do this morning. light updates. hopefully my internet at home will be working because i have a some exciting news!

i have another doctor's appointment this afternoon. hopefully the stitches will come out today, but i think the drain is here to stay for a while. i am so ready for it to go!


  1. Hey! Thanks for posting all of this! My doctor referred me to a plastic surgeon to have this puny ridiculous mole removed from my left leg and, since then, between panic attacks, I've been googling various permutations of words related to melanoma. And I came across your blog.

    On Monday, I had the lil mole cut out (a one inch cut for a puny lil 4 mm spot) and I'm waiting for the biopsy to come back... You rock! I read all about it. THANK YOU!

  2. Oh, and I was thinking... I'm sure this is just what you wanted to hear. Very callous of me, huh? All kinds of interesting things going on in your life and I find your blog searching for melanoma. Anyway!

    Glad to hear everything is "terrific" rock on!