02 May 2008

i'm tired.

jesus this has been a long couple of weeks! yesterday was the longest day i've had in a long time. getting up at 5 am to get an injection of radioactive sugar is not a very good way to start your day.

but last night i got my first chance to release and take a few solid deep breaths after 1) the scan looked clean and 2) my insurance said they'll cover all costs incurred. really a huge relief. so i spent the evening playing sad beautiful songs and trying to make it through without crying and then had dinner with a friend and watched harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay, a.k.a. jonah and his thoughts escape from the weight of the last two weeks.

my entire office is on vacation today. which is kind of weird but now there's no one to stop me from having a super-productive day.

a.k.a blogging endlessly.

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