20 May 2008

i couldn't say it better.


Ordinarily when no-nos are tossed I get grumpy and frustrated bemoaning the fact the Mets have never had one in franchise history, and guys like Clay Bucholz and Anabel Sanchez have. But Jon Lester's no hitter last night is different. I'm sure you know the story already, but it bears repeating.

In August 2006, he was scratched from a start with a sore back, at the time they thought it had to do with a car accident he was in, but the tests on his back revealed enlarged lymph nodes that were causing the back pain. Lymphoma. Cancer.

He underwent 4 rounds of chemotherapy, drove the cancer into remission, and somehow managed to report on time when pitchers and catchers reported for spring training in 2007. He started the season in AAA but returned to the majors in July, less than a year after his initial diagnosis. In October, he started and won the deciding game of the World Series. And now, last night, less than 2 years from being diagnosed with cancer and all of the doubt and anxiety that it brought, he threw a complete game no-hitter, accomplishing something that our entire beloved franchise has been unable to in 46.25 seasons.

But I'm not bitter, I'm inspired. Not only did Lester beat and come back from cancer, but he is able to physically compete at an elite level. Dominate even. He's not only back in the bigs, but he's also stronger and better than ever.

So I hope you too are inspired. Stay strong.


  1. When I saw that flash on ESPN.com last night, I almost called you. He is an inspiration for a whole lot of folks in New England.

  2. I'm not much of a baseball fan so I wouldn't have ever known this story. thanks -- and good inspiration!