15 May 2008

Not so good news

Just back from the doctor and the prognosis isn't great. They want me to start radiation. One of the lymph nodes measured a whopping 4.5 centimeters and was brimming at its cellular seams with cancer, and they're concerned it may have overflowed a bit. So just to be safe they're going to do some radiation. I don't know what that means yet as far as schedule or recovery. I'm meeting with the radiologist on Monday so I should have some more answers then. But they're talking about doing radiation in tandem with the interferon, which my surgeon actually described as "bad ass" because its nasty side effects. So I may be knocked down for a whole lot longer than I had hoped.

It's a bit of a reality shock for me. Not that I've been taking this lightly, but it seemed like I could make it through a month or two of recovery and interferon and come out the other side with a couple of awesome scars and a cancer-free life. That life is obviously still a good possibility, but now I have to ponder the long term implications of radiation. Like going to a sperm bank. I'm serious.

Apart from the appointment on Monday, I'm meeting with my surgeon on Wednesday and hopefully we'll be pulling both the stitches and the drain. That would be a relief. I also have an appointment with an oncologist to talk about the overall treatment plan and I'm starting physical therapy to start rebuilding my back strength and eventually my leg.

I'm taking a break from company tonight - it's been wonderful to have so many great meals with friends and feel so supported, but I need a bit of a break and some time to decompress. Plus my first batch of netflix came and Stranger Than Fiction and Batman Begins sounds like a great double bill to take my mind off things.

In other news, my Mets need to get their act together. Losing three out of four to the last-place Nationals? Totally unacceptable. Can someone please explain to them that I'm already in enough pain?


  1. dude, way to make me look like a liar. I swear you told me 4 INCHES this afternoon

  2. sorry about the news, hon. couldn't just give you the easy way out, huh? bastards....

    also, are you aware of hulu.com? i think it's like fox and nbc collaborating and it's their shows and movies (sometimes segments, sometimes whole) free for the watchin. i figured, if you're laid up, might as well have, say, all three seasons of arrested development at your fingertips.

    thinking of you! xoxo

  3. oh love, i wish so much that i could come give you a big fat hug. i'll be there in early july for a few days and then in mid-july for a few days. hang in there and keep your head, you'll be in my (unorthodox, atheist) prayers

  4. Jonah--
    I'm keeping up with your posts online and holding you in my heart. Zack and I said the Jewish prayer for healing for you at temple Friday night, and there's no way to prove prayer doesn't work . stay tough--love, Meg