21 May 2008

Up with the good, down with the bad.

That's the way to approach stairs with a bad leg.

It's a pretty good philosophy for life too.

Saw the doc this afternoon and things are looking good. Up with the good! Actually, she said things are "terrific!" She pulled my stitches from the mole incision and cleared up a ton of blockage from the lymph drain. Hopefully that will help with all of my leakage issues.

I commuted for the first time without taxis. It was exhausting. I am completely out of energy. My sides ache. My back aches. The crutches are starting to leave a rash against my ribs. It ain't much fun.

Time for a nap.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe your crutches are not exactly sized just right for you. You should be developing biceps but not a rash along your ribs. Hope you may find a physical therapist for a couple of minutes and determine if the crutches are sized right.