10 May 2008

Cool! Latest update from the good doctor.

Ok that worked (the whole picture thing below). Awesome! I think it's best if I spare you leg photos for now. Did I mention they shaved all my pubes but only the left side? It's totes punk rock.

Hey guys, thanks for some amazing late night conversations last night. I ended up sleeping from 12 to 1 and about 430 to 6. Not even the same five chords of Philip Glass could put me under. I managed to turn on my side and get to my usual sleeping spot, to no avail. Oh well. I'm just glad there were some west coast folks and bartender friends awake to keep me company. But I think today will be a pretty goddamn loopy day!

It's a good sign that I could turn on my side, and that I could even do it unassisted. And so it is that the LATEST UPDATE FROM THE DOC (all caps for those of you scanning) is quite a good prognosis.

She says my leg looks great! Some of the bandages will come off today and we may even be able to pull the catheter, which has the bane of my existence so far. They're going to move me out of step-down and to a room on the 12th floor at some point today. Hope the view is still as spectacular!

Most importantly, it looks like I can head home in the late afternoon/early evening tomorrow after some physical therapy and trying out the crutches. My parents are staying at an apartment on Montague Terrace until Tuesday morning and there's an elevator, so I might end up staying there til Tuesday. It should still be fine to come and visit but check in with Lynne since I may need some adjustment time.

Ooooh they just put me on percocet. Sweet! I'm going to make an attempt at a nap.


  1. hope you're sleeping sound jonah dear. though who can blame you, it's hard to sleep in hospitals, just like it'd be hard to sleep near the check out in a grocery store or inside a game of frogger or advanced level pong..see you this afternoon. xo robin

  2. Sounds great! Thanks for the call; sorry I missed you.